A Beginner’s Guide to the Newest RPG – Heroic Expedition

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DHGames is known for its fun and exciting games. If you are a fan of Idle Heroes and Avenger Legends, then for sure you will love their new game. DHGames recently released a new mobile RPG that you will surely enjoy playing – Heroic Expedition. If you want to know more about this game, then this article is for you.

The Heroic Expedition

Heroic Expedition is a game that comes in various modes. In this game, you can fight against the Lord Disaster, the one who caused tragedy to the Divine Realm. Before you start downloading the game on your Android or iOS device, here’s what you need to know about Heroic Expedition.

  • Characters and Game play. The game is a mixture of RPG, city builder, and roguelike types of games. Heroic Expedition will let you assemble the cast of characters that will battle with the monsters that will try to infest the Divine Realm. In a vivid art style, the combat scenarios are similar to the traditional RPG-style battles.
  • The Factions and Heroes. There will be five different Nordic-inspired factions to get your heroes from. And throughout the game, you can collect, awaken, and evolve these heroes. You will be able to unlock new skills and use them during battles.
  • Online/Offline Game Modes. You can also release your heroes and choose the Auto-Battle mode. This way, your heroes will fight even without your control, both online and offline. While offline, you can also streamline the activities that you want to occur using the non-stop idle reward systems.
  • PvE and PvP. You can also choose to join PvE battles where you can form a guild and support each other while you challenge the Lord of Disaster. PvP is also available if you choose to fight against other players. With PvP, you can take your heroes to the arena and challenge other players from all across the world.

Heroic Expedition: How To Register?

Heroic Expedition was released on April 7th. Those who have pre-registered for an account can automatically have access to the games. And for those who are new, you can still register by downloading the game from Google Play for Android devices. Heroic Expedition is also available on the iOS App Store. The PC version is also available if you choose to play the game directly from your computer or laptop.

Now that you know what Heroic Expedition is, go ahead and download the game and start the endless journey of saving the world. You can play both on PC and mobile depending on your preference. So fight against the Lord of Disaster using the best heroes of all time.